Men vs. Women


Women are ready to fight,
Men are ready for flight.
Women feel to fight is their right,
Men feel it is wrong to have their right

Women have money in their sight
Men think it’s due to women’s plight
Women feel stronger by calling them weaker
Men feel stronger by assuming their might.


2 thoughts on “Men vs. Women

  1. Simply too good…
    You becoming a poet shows the passion you’ve got for cause!

    Lovers become poets when they have the passion for their partner,
    Politicians become poets when they have passion for politics,
    Similarly Activists become poets when they’ve passion for the cause they’re fighting for!!!

    Way to go… Keep marching!

  2. You have spoken your mind…
    You have got other vicim’s in your bind….

    Fight for your right
    With all your might….

    Keep moving, your are in right directions…


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