Invitation for Men’s Day – 19th November 2008



Is the pain of a mother / sister less when they lose their Son or Brothers?


INVITATION FOR International Men’s Day: 19th November



Even an Animal has a Ministry and Welfare Division. Why not Men?


Proposal to Indian Government to Form Ministry of Men’s Well Fare .


  • According to Labour and Employment Ministry (2001 to 2005), more than 13 lack Men became Job less and the same is increasing every year.


·        As per Crime Bureau of India more then 80,000 men commit suicide every year.




TIMING : 1PM to 4 PM, 19th November 2008



Contact : 9810611534 (Swarup), 9818509406 (Wasif), 9811656810 (Neeraj)
9899329991(Sandeep), 9811052770(Niladri), 9810340888( Arvind) , 9810069208(Vihan) , 9810407895(Vijay)
Organized Jointly by: , ,


4 thoughts on “Invitation for Men’s Day – 19th November 2008

  1. India is a country of paradoxes. Men are supposed to provide for their wives.. men are supposed do give seats in the buses and trains for women.. well the logic goes womenfolk are weak. Fair enough !! We have been doing so for ages.

    But then there are Feminist organisations.. NGOs, private lts(I say private as their ‘business’ thrives of feminist agenda..), govt ministeries, govt dept. etc.. want women to be equal to men.. walk neck to neck with men. well okay.. men say … ‘sure .. come and be equal’.. then why do they want special treatment for women. why minsteries and organisations for women.. why do men have to feed women and maintain them.. why do they have gender specific laws for women. why is men always the accused and women the victim.

    Men folk of India.. within or without India.. come and unite. lest feminazis.. and female-centric govt of India will make degrade you to less than an animal.. power is in your hand.. you run the country.. you have the numbers.. then why are you the victim ? Does it sound ironical. ? It blood well is. !!

  2. Vehicle(Bike&Car) rally, from Fort to Bandra ,19th November, 2008

    Protect Indian Family, NGO, Mumbai (Member of the Save Indian Family(SIF) Network), are planning a Bike and Car rally on 19th November, 2008 (Proposed Time: 2.30 to 4.30 pm )

    Brief details of the Vehicle Rally

    We expect around 60 bikes and 20 cars to participate. The objective of this Rally will be to bring Awareness about the misuse of laws concerning families(IPC 498a, Domestic Violence Act, etc.), which wrecking many families in India and abroad(wherever Indians live). This is also to commemorate the international Men’s day which falls of November 19th.

    Contact Persons: P.R.Gokul- 9322156141, M.R.Gupta – 9869323538

    Proposed Route
    City Civil/Session Court (Mayo Road) to Bandra Family Court

    (Roads planned: Starting from ; Opp. City Civil Court on Karamvir Bhaurao Patil
    Marg (Mayo Road) – Woudby Road – Capital Cinema – Nagar Chowk – D.N. Road – Crowford Market – L.T. Road – Mohamed Ali Road – Sir. J.J. Road – N.M. Joshi Road (Delisle Road) – Gokhale Road (North) – Lady Jamshetji Road – Mahim Causeway – Western Express Highway – Kala Nagar – B.K.C. Family Court)

    This event is being planned by Protect Indian Family:, Mumbai, NGO-Member of Save Indian Family ( & SIF’s Media Flagship- SIF Times (

    We hope that these efforts will go a long way in bringing back the tranquility at home, since charity begins at Home. Home is the fountainhead of life-force, lets nurture the tranquility for families, to pave way for a stronger Nation. Looking forward to the permission and your cooperation

  3. Nice to know. I will definitely attain this as I have to go New Delhi to attain the court on 17.11.08 & 22.11.08. so I think it is a good luck of mine that I will do all of the works of mine and also to meet this meeting.
    Best regards
    Rajanikanta Dash

  4. YES, Men’s Welfare Mministry is the nned of he hour. I support for a seperate ministry to protect Men’s Right and abuse of present biased law.

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