Indian Men – An epitome of sacrifice

66 women are attacked with acid in 9 years from 1999 to 2008 and there is suddenly a huge hue and cry to get a law against acid attacks. Well this act is by no means non – condemnable as violence is violence and has no locus standi in any civilized human society. But on one side where there is a lot of euphoria being generated for women’s issues, no one seems to be bothered at all about men. Whether they exist or not, or are they facing any issues or not?  Time has come to have a look at some glaring lacunae in the system which has led to:-

1)      Close to 1, 20, 000 mothers and sisters of men have been arrested under charges of Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code, without any verification / trial, just on a mere complaint, as these women were blood relatives of a MAN. Even the barbarous British Government took 10 years to arrest 5000 women (1937 – 47) but the Indian Government has arrested close to 24 times more women in just four years (2004 – 2007). The maximum women arrested by the British Government is 17000 in 1930 for Dandi, but the Indian Government under the protection of National Commission of Women arrested 1, 20, 000 women in 4 years.

2)      As per National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), in the year 2005, more than 22, 64, 000 crimes have been registered against men (which is 92.8 % of total registered crimes), while crime against women is 1 , 55, 000 approximately (which is 6.38 % of total registered crimes) and yet the media never found it worth enough to create awareness about this. A really pathetic and callous approach. Original source here. It’s just a matter of question as to whose life is in more danger in India, Men or Women? In fact as per the murder rates of USA and India, Indian women are 2 times safer than women in USA despite the presence of so called Dowry Deaths in India.

3)      As per suicide statistics provided by National Crime Records Bureau, for the years 2005 and 2006, close to 52, 483 and 55, 452 married men, respectively, have committed suicide as opposed to 28, 188 and 29, 869 married women. Yet whenever a married woman dies due to any reason, be it accident, illness or commits suicide due to any reason unknown, it is converted into dowry death and yet such large scale suicides by men are not even noticed let alone imparting justice to them. Can the Govt. and the media answer as to why such apathy meted out to men?

4)      Why is not even a single rupee spent for men’s welfare when men pay 82 % of the total taxes in India? Even animals have welfare, but men do not have. Has anyone thought about this?  This despite the fact that everyday 192 men end their lives as compared to 112 women.

Some more issues faced by men but never published:-

1)      Literacy: Literacy rate amongst males is 73.4 % and that amongst females is 47.8 % in 2004, still more than 60 % of men earn less than 1 USD per day.

2)      Lifestyle Gap: Women’s average annual earned income was US$1,471 in 2002, almost 
three times less than the average for men of US$4,723, but still shopping malls dominated by women more than 75% buying capacity.

3)      Work – Life Balance: Indian Men toil like donkeys and the females spend off the splurge and as a result men are dying 1.7 times faster than women over all statistics.

Domestic Violence:

More than 98% of Indian husbands face Domestic violence at least once from their wife on an average 3 Years of Marriage in terms of economical abuse, mental harassment, relationship cheating.

More than 22,000 Indian Men have ended their life in reverse dowry Harassment by their wives against 6800 wives who ended their life due to dowry harassment by their husbands.

In all the 6800 cases the Indian husbands had been sent behind bars without any investigation and more than 68% found to be innocent, where as in 22000 cases only 6 cases had been registered and not a single woman has been questioned as to why their Husbands ended their life, let alone any punishment.

Forced Sex and crimes against men:

More than two-thirds of married Men in India between the ages of 15 and 49 are victims of forced sex by their girlfriends and in more than 78% cases the men had been booked under Rape cases, as they refused to marry their girlfriends.

Crime against men is increasing with a Growth rate of 42% in last 5 years, whereas the media and government have never even bothered to disclose the same in front of Public.

 Sexual harassment and refusal of sex has happened with more than 82% Indian men as their wives refused for physical union at least once in 6 months and 42% faced have faced once in 3 months.

Progress made so far:

Six decades have passed since independence and yet not a single rupee has been spent for men welfare nor has a single law been enacted to protect men. Though the Government has earned 82 % tax from men it has been of less use to men.

More than 98 % of armed forces are formed of men, with less than 2 % women.

Less than 28 % men serve in the media industry.

Prostitution industry is dominated by 99.98 % women and only 0.02 % men.

Reception, office telecom, school bank, etc. all jobs having ease of work and less burden are occupied by 30 % men and 70 % women.

More than 96 % of NGOs are getting fund from the Government in the name of Women and Child Welfare while for men less than 4 % of NGOs receive funds.

One third of seats in village councils are now reserved for women but still educated women are not ready to take the responsibility.

High Achievers like Atal Behari Vajpayee ji and Dr. Abdul Kalam have not married and done wonders in their life.

Role of Congress Government:

More than 85 % of the time this country has been ruled by the Congress Government and during that regime:

1)      Indian husbands have been openly killed by their wives and their boyfriends and all those murderers are roaming freely in the society, yet the Government has not bothered to make any law to protect these husbands.

2)      Killing of unborn child or abortion has become a birth right for Indian women by the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971.

3)      Legal Terrorism tools like Section 498A IPC, Domestic Violence Act 2005, 125 CrPC (Maintenance), have been let loose to terrorize Indian men as in these cases, the verbal statement of the wife is considered as evidence whereas definitive documentary evidence by husbands like video recording, voice recording, bank statements are routinely ignored in investigation.

4)      Adultery is a civil offense for Indian women whereas criminal offense for Indian Men.

5)      And more and more anti – male laws are in line to create disarray and chaos in workplace via the Workplace Harassment Bill and the new Rape Law.

The questions that irk the rationale are:

1)      Is not the Congress Government staunchly anti – male?

2)      Is not the Congress Government promoting the creation of Fatherless Society in India?

3)      Is not the Congress Government out to kill the institution of marriage in India?

I am hoping the government has a good justification for not spending a single rupee for men welfare in the last six decades and as a result of which crime is increasing day by day in the society. And lastly, what justification does the Government have to have given wholesale free license to women in India to do all sorts of crime and go scot free and catch some man and punish him?



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