Observing 26th October as a Black Day

Meet my old MotherA victim of 498A and Domestic Violence Act


She is just one of the 120,645 women arrested in last 4 years only under Women Protection Laws without any credible evidence, investigation or trial.


Do you know that in 2006, 55425 married men committed suicide compared to 29869 married women?


Do you know that 98% Men have faced Domestic Violence at least once in 3 years

(Study conducted by SFF and My Nation)


Do you know that trauma suffered by victims of false/fabricated cases is 10 times more than DV Victims?


Do penalizing innocent women & men under false cases bring justice to genuinely abused women?


In order to address these burning questions, Save Family Foundation and associated NGOs invites you to join us against protest on misuse of women protection laws and demand gender neutrality of DV Act on the


2nd Anniversary of Domestic Violence Act (Black Day) at


Jantar Mantar, New Delhi on 26/10/08 from 11 to 1 PM


Fight against misuse of Women Protection Laws and conspiracy to destroy the Family System of India. Let us prevent India becoming a Father Less Society


Contact : 9810611534 (Swarup), 9810452017 (Anupama), 9971117829 (Sandeep), 9818332305 (Neeraj), 9871134040 (Preeti), 9818509406 (Wasif), 9810407895 (Vijay), 9811052770 (Niladri) 

Supported by : Save Family Foundation (Regd.), Gender Human Rights Society (Regd.),  All India Forgotten Women (Regd.), CRISP (Regd.), My Nation, Save Indian Family Foundation (Regd.)


“Parivar Bachao Desh Bachao, Save the Indian Family”


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