Mother dies seeing arrest of son and father


The news of the arrest of her son and husband under allegations of dowry harassment sent a terror shock to an old lady who immediately died receiving the news. After her family members talked to the district authorities father and son duo were released for two hours on parole for performing the last rites. Her last rites were performed in a melancholic atmosphere. Sabir along with his wife Hanifa and son Nafis resides in Saddeek Nagar under the limits of Lisadi Gate Police Station. Nafis was married to one Tasleema of Laavad under the police limits of Icchauli Police Station. They had been leading a happy married life. They also gave birth to a son meanwhile. Family members of Nafis told Tasleema used to fight over petty issues and used to threaten to embroil the entire family. A case had been registered at Icchauli police station on behalf of Tasleema. Accused are Sabir, his wife Hanifa, Nafis and his sisters and their husbands. Family members told that on Saturday the police arrived at their place and started to take the Sabir and Nafis along with them. On inquiring the reason for arrest, the police told they have to get a ‘compromise’ done with Tasleema’s parents. Police presented Sabir and Nafis before the judge and they were remanded to Judicial Custody. On receiving the news of the arrest of her son, Hanifa was in shock and fell ill. By the time the family members could avail her of medical treatment, she was already dead. On receiving the news of Hanifa’s death, family members met Abbas and raised an alarm for help. They requested the DM Kamini Ratan to release Sabir and Nafis for the last rites of Hanifa. Later the court released them on police remand. Her last rites were performed in the late evening in the graveyard near Sham Shambhudas Gate.


Translated from Mother dies seeing arrest of son and father


One thought on “Mother dies seeing arrest of son and father

  1. The news item that in Meirut Mother dies of shock upon arrest of her Son and husband under 498a
    After reading this news, i am of the opinion that apart from all sympathies to the bereaved family,
    may i suggest the ‘save India family who have taken up the cause to protect families under this section have to really do something practically instead of going on roaring about injstiece. i suggest that the organisation immdtly file PIL by appointing eminent constiution lawer against this section.We are all ready to donate towards expenses

    There is no use of meeting and seminars as issue is already aware by everybody. its time to act and fight against the section in the court of law. I think our judiciary will come into rescure and stop many more deaths and i think powers who have brought this section will open up their eyes and ears if it happens in their houses


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