Family against woman or 21st century woman against Family

“Family against woman or 21st century women against family?”

“Two years after the law to protect women from domestic violence was enacted, it continues to be defeated by social prejudice and blind spots.”  

In her Indian Express Article, head of Lawyer’s Collective and mastermind behind all biased, anti-family law in this country which are designed with the underlying assumption that all the women are born in Raja Harish Chandra family (Never lie) and all the men are born in Criminal Family only, expresses her view that the family is against woman, but in reality the 21st century woman is against family as shown below with some glaring facts, figures and statistics.

SC snubs Center for domestic abuse act

A small effort by Supreme Court of India: Right to residence, maintenance only from husband: Court By Times of India.

Since the last few months eminent Media Channels like NDTV / CNN-IBN / IBN7 / ZEE / India TV have started to justify that divorce is not a bad as in Delhi itself more than 9000 Divorce cases have been filed and more than 55% filed of those have been by Women only.  

Seems like it was a dirty word only till the time Men filed more Divorce cases, and that too was long back, but as now a days it is the women who are filling the Divorce cases more than man, so it should not be treated as “Dirty Word”. Is this the gender equality what women want? 

But, they have never disclosed that, in each and every Divorce case, it is the Husband who had been treated as a “Free ATM Machine” in front of Judge / Police / Media and more than 98% cases it is the wife’s family have demanded as well as taken huge money from the husbands family, irrespective of the span of the marriage be it 15 days or 15 years.

Wherever the husband has refused to be treated as free ATM machine, they have been termed as Criminal by our draconian, lopsided and gender biased laws like Domestic Violence Act, 2005 and Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code and subjected to Legal terrorism. In some cases wives staying in abroad and have sent their Domestic Violence Complain through mail/post, against their Husbands who are living in India and our Judges have happily accepted the same, as anyone can file the domestic violence against husband’s family on behalf of a women. They also immediately passed the interim order, restraining him from going to the media to say the truth, asked to deposited the Passport, interim maintenance also ordered in the range of 10K, 15k whether she stays at USA or Dubai, it does not matter.

The harassment does not end here. He will have fight three maintenance case for the same purpose in form of Domestic Violence Act, Section24 of the Hindu Marriage Act, Section125 of the CrPC (some time in three different state) and our Judges happily pass the judgments as per their view, without considering the fact that it is the wastage of valuable time of Judiciary, as in blatant violation of Article 20 of the Indian Constitution, for the same purpose three different cases have been filed, whereas millions of cases are awaiting justice. 

There are umpteen number of cases where after the husband  gets the child visitation or child custody, and immediately the Domestic Violence act followed as a gift and the creation of father less child” society was set in motion. The media openly announces a child reunited with mother but forget to mention that a child became “father less” and a father becomes “childless”.

It is a bitter truth about our Women and Child Development minister who openly says after passing the biased Domestic Violence Act: 

  1. Its turn to suffer for the Indian men, as women suffered for long. (Like as Muslim Kings had destroyed a lot of temple, so let demolish the entire Mosque in India).
  2. Don’t trust Your Men; trust Condom in the name of reducing AIDS. (Forgetting the fact that AIDS has increased due to sex with multiple partners and condom is used for multiple partner sex, not for single partner sex, which we term as married couple)
  3. It’s Diwali Gift to Indian women. (Within two weeks, four women have been sent behind the bars under first DV act case in Pune and one old woman was forced to leave her own house as her daughter-in-law walk in her house with her all friends and parents) 

 View Point: Domestic Violence Act lacks perspective By Zamir Uddin , Central Chronicle News. 

“In short, the DVA-2005 in its enthusiastic thoughtlessness has throttled all avenues of reconciliation, has weakened the foundations of the institution of marriage, and vitiated conjugal life by developing a false sense of ego and a fictional helplessness among women. When it comes to man-woman relationship let us listen to the traditional but sane voice of John Milton, the English poet and moralist. Milton says that man represents reason and woman passion.  As long as reason dominates passion, there is cosmos, but the moment passion dominates reason, chaos ensues. Let us view marital life from this viewpoint for marriage is not a bed of roses but a domestic battlefield. Unless husband and wife bring immense goodwill and sacrifice to bear upon their marital fortunes, their situation is desperate. The DVA need to be replaced by some more benign, sensible, gender-neutral legislation that may ensure women their rightful, honorable place at home and abroad, at the same time not forgetting the rights of men.”

On the other hand our LAW maker forget to recognized Spouse abuse: It’s the husband’s turn now: DNA News,September 20, 2007

“The study, conducted by two non-governmental organizations (NGOs) – Save Indian Family Foundation and My Nation – looked at four aspects of domestic violence — economical, emotional, physical and sexual. In a sample survey of 1,650 urban men, almost 98% of the respondents said they had suffered violence under one or the other of these heads more than once. Economical abuse was found to be the most common complaint with 32.8% saying they had faced it at least once in their married life, followed by emotional (22.2%), physical (25.2%) and sexual violence (19.8%). Nagging, grumbling, taunting, name calling, refusing food, denying sexual intercourse, abusing parents and family members, snatching salary, throwing objects, scratching with nails and biting, threats of suicide and even eviction from the house were some of the common forms of abuse mentioned. But perhaps the most serious was framing of false charges under the Indian Penal Code.”

As a result while a large section of women, especially activists are happy that the act has stood the test of time for a year, there are an equal number of people who feel that this act should be abolished. Rediff News: Delhi: Protest against Domestic Violence Act 

So after completion of second year this question is being raised to the Lawmakers and they have to decide honestly, that instead of an assumption that Domestic violence is only a gender issue and men do not face any domestic violence some gender neutrality and benignity be brought into it , for National Crime Record Bureau report says, more than 52K married men committed suicide after marriage vs. 28k married women 2005 and more 55K married men vis – a – vis 29K married women in 2006. Above data definitely leads to the question ”Family against Women or 21st century Women against family?”





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