SIFF National Meet Reportoire

It was the enigmatic ambiance of Goa and the serene silence, decorated with the soothe of sea waves, of the beach that all sparked the mood for the national meet of Goa for the 60 odd leaders and activists of the Save Indian Family campaign. Having had assembled for their proposed national meet, as reported by leading national dailies viz. the Times of India, Deccan Chronicle to name a few, to discuss strategies to intensify their campaign against the misuse of gender biased laws, the meet turned out to be more than just strategy discussion as the event started with fun and banter followed by an awards function.

After introduction by the key members, the individual NGOs working and sharing concerns with the Save Indian Family Foundation that had sent their representatives came forward to discuss their strengths and weaknesses. Those present were from

1)      Save Indian Foundation, Bangalore and  Nagpur,

2)       Indiya Kudumba Pathukappu Iyakkam Chennai,

3)      Save Family Foundation and MyNation Foundation Delhi,

4)      Pati Pariwar Kalyan Samiti, Lucknow,

5)      Protect Indian Family, Mumbai,

6)      Sahana, Hyderabad,

7)      Bharat Bachao Sangathan, Kolkata, and

8)      Children’s Rights Initiative for Shared Parenting (CRISP), Bangalore.

The NGOs as mentioned above and in the order presented their individual strengths and weaknesses. This discussion worked as the first step towards consolidation of strategies and brainstorming of steps to strengthen the movement in general. Newly upcoming Chattisgarh NGO had also sent its wishes and message via the representative of the Nagpur NGO.

Kumar Jahgirdar, the President of CRISP, discussed the vision and mission of CRISP and a collective goal was set to achieve regional expansion of CRISP in to new geographies. Members from national chapters expressed their solidarity and support by filling in the membership forms for CRISP. The event also marked the launch of the website of CRISP by the name of

The discussion event was followed by splitting the members present into 5 separate task groups of 5 – 7 members each on an average. Each of the task group was assigned a topic and was given 90 minutes to come up with a comprehensive strategy to be implemented in the concerned area of development. The areas of development were,

1)      How to expand into new geographies and how to retain and grow the existing chapters?

2)      Effective counseling techniques for newly joined victims who face abuse and approach the NGOs.

3)      Effective lobbying techniques with the authorities and create the desired level of visibility for the Save Indian Family movement.

4)      Calendar of events for the next one year.

5)      More and potential areas of research.

After the stipulated time, the individual task groups came up with ideas / strategies in their respective area assigned and also the challenges currently faced in that area. The same were discussed, noted and the activists will be working on improvement of these areas to strengthen the movement and make the cause more audible and visible.

With so much of brainstorming happening since morning, the call of the day was a break which came as a surprise event in the form of an award function mainly aimed to act as a motivating tonic to identify key contributions, both individual and group. Five categories of awards were designed and various nominations were identified and the final awards were compiled by a jury formed of the senior most leaders of the movement. The categories of nominations were:-

1)      Lifetime achievement award – This award went to the oldest member of the movement who has been a victim and has been raising voice against this misuse in the internet since the past 9 years.

2)      Best Chapter Award – This award went to the Nagpur NGO who has emerged as the fastest growing chapter by utilizing all the knowledge that is available and converted the same in to an executable plan and achieved some wonderful results in a very short span of time.

3)      Most Outstanding contribution – This award went to the vociferous fighter of the Save Indian Family Campaign who has written the bible for the victims of the abuse in the form of the “498a Survival Kit.”

4)      Best fight back strategy – This award went to the commando who was instrumental in getting justice to one of those unfortunate 56, 000 married men who commit suicide. This relates back to the suicide by Shri Pushkar Singh of Lucknow being unable to bear the torture of a false case against him of dowry harassment by his wife and in – laws. In spite of the suicide note left behind clearly accusing his wife and in – laws of his suicide, as the authorities were restraining themselves in taking action, our commando mobilized and motivated 35 members from Delhi and U.P. to raise voice against the grave injustice and ensure restoration of faith in the criminal justice system.

5)      Influencing the authorities  – This award went to our legal stalwarts team, the Chennai NGO for being successfully instrumental in bringing to task 11 police officers ranging from a Head Constable, right up to the Dy. Comm. Of Police for negligence of duty and violation of human rights principles. They have been summoned by the National Human Rights Commission. Normally such a huge number of officers are summoned in case of communal riots. But this is the first time that in an individual case does one get to see such an attempt to repair miscarriage of justice.

Having thus completed the awards ceremony, the team headed towards dinner and happy hours of informal mingling and experience sharing and further discussions of improvement areas and finally parted for the day.

The second day of the meet was more of a culmination than a continuation which started with rejuvenation and ended with celebration on the end of a successful meet. It has been decided that the annual meet will be continued in future for reviewing the strategies and identifying rooms of improvement.

Thanks and Regards

Public Relations Officer
Save Indian Family Foundation



8 thoughts on “SIFF National Meet Reportoire

  1. Great going SIFF.

    Together we will give this country a safer society to live in.

    Heartiest congratulations to all the co-ordinators and volunteers.


  2. Congratulations Siffians. We are sure, you all must have chalked out some graet strategies for all of us. We are waiting to know and work on that.

  3. Guys…… don’t even start to pat your backs, the real work has just begun. The brainstorming of the 5 teams did get us some initial ideas which was phenomenal in itself , considering the limited time and other reference options to formulate any detailed ideas complete with the execution/roll-out plan(the total number of Teams are actually 6, since a central RTI team also was constituted on the 2nd day since this specific need was overlooked in the 1st day).

    Now these 5 teams will be added with whoever wants to chip-in and specifically nominated local chapter representatives(nominated by the leaders of the respective local chapters, after getting the willingness of the identified reps). And this extended/expanded team will further add-on to the brain storming results of the above 6 teams, compliment the ideas with suitable ‘working models/processes/Benchmarking’, systematically follow up the implementation milestones in the respective roll-out plans, till the result intended is achieved.

    And this my friends is what we need to ensure. Goa was just the starting block from which “DAVID” has sprung to action, he is yet to chose the stone(which wil finally bring down the Goliath of anarchy and injustice), put it in the sling, aim, release it on the over-confident Goliath and finally ensure that he sets the situation right for Indian Families.

    I will be informing the details of what the teams discussed in detail. Vikram.K.K has documented this brainstorming session like a professional, which he is anyway and I guess he has given these details to someone else to get them in soft format and to be emailed to relevant teams/recipients to implement the meeting agenda in line with the ‘SMART’(Sustainable, Measurable, Achievable, Result-Oriented and Time-Bound) approach.

    I will also try to blog a off-the-record account of the meet, which will focus on the fun we just had, ohhh boyyy, u guys need to be there next National Meet, mostly near Delhi, around the same time of the year, next year.

  4. Again SIF unlike the feminist organisations do not support only one gender, they support justice absolute justice ie independent to the gender. They again true to their cause rises funds themselves and are not parasites to the Govt. or any International funds which most others fake to fill individuals pockets. I personally though a Lady was helped at the time of the need, when all the other NGOs I approached was interested only in the money I could pay and not my situation and problems. I would always stand for SIF’s cause

  5. Great going SIF.

    Now, the fall of feminism has started.

    Now, no more mothers and sisters will be arrested in false 498a cases on the name of women empowerment.

    Ram Balak

  6. Dear All,
    Thanks to all of you for your continous support and help us to make the awareness in the society to stop the legal terrorism in the form of gender biased law by the goverment and creating more and more duplications of law , result common innocent people are sufferings.Thier baisc right of life and liverty had been denied and result more and more crime is incresing and the project of Unifame and thier associated orginasatiosn to make this Country as “father less child society” at top of the speed and sending huge money form forigen coutry to India , but we have to put a break to thier ill-intented project to converitng the Indian to a “Father less Child society” and treat the Indian Men as Whole sale free Lincence as a Free ATM machine.

    But we have to go in a long way, till the time in this country we get a men wellf are minsitry or the pin of a mother or sister to be recornised when they loss thier son or brothers in doemstic violence by thier wife.
    In this regards, our first national meet was in goa and please find enclosed the summery.
    Request to all to help us to reach the same to more and more people thorugh your artilce, blog, webistes.
    Also add your view/participations to the core team to implement all the actions decided.
    We are comitted to stop this legal terrorism and let the goverment understand thier biased policy will not be tolerated any more.

  7. Nagpur team had big scope to work in the area of ” what the chennai team had achieved”

    chennai team will guide us . to show the correct way to govt official.

    thanks to all participent directly and indirectly

    Mumbai / Napur

  8. It is just the begining of an end of an era of gender based divivde spawned by feminists organisations. Its time for us to work towards hastening their end . The Gender Biased approach and law will start falling apart as we intensify our struggle. With love for our enemies and smile on our faces we shall overcome our adversary and build a better society .

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