Brotherhood to the rescue

True and genuine victory they say it comes often unheard, silent and unexpected as it came to the thousands of those silent and not so silent warriors and commandos of the Save Indian Family Campaign as they saw their brother Raja Choudhary, defeat the male – hater feminist Sambhavna Seth. This is being referred to the reality show Big Boss 2 on Colors channel, wherein the concept of people staying together and getting eliminated for rude / bad behavior is followed. They are constantly watched by an unknown person, referred to as Big Boss who monitors them and settles disputes if the need so arises.

What was most surprising and unbecoming of a watchdog was the undue gender bias in favor of abusive women. Sambhavna Seth is a male – hater feminist who has abused Rahul Mahajan as well earlier on the show showering expletives against him and his family, but that matter was settled amicably. But when Raja Choudhary objected to Sambhavna’s male abuse, she started shredding crocodile tears and complained to Big Boss who without listening to Raja nominated him for eviction.

It was then where the three thousand odd warriors of Save Indian Family jumped in and voted continuously and non – stop for Raja in addition to his other fans who loved and adored him. Finally the verdict came on Friday the 19th of September 2008, when Raja was saved from eviction due to the tremendous support that he received not only from Save Indian Family but his other fans as well.

Though Raja won this testimony and was back into the show but this again gives rise to the concept of Men’ Rights and their despicable position in the society. Was the period of tension that Raja underwent plus the stigma of nomination for eviction that he got stamped with, was really worth the issue? The answer from a logical standpoint of rational understanding would a big NO without giving any significance to undue sentimental balance in favor of any gender. And, moreover for how long is the society going to put unnecessary pressure on men to accommodate bad and abusive women? For how long sexists like Big Boss are going to annihilate men’s rights to satiate their own personal desires?

One may argue Raja was abusive towards Sambhavna, but so was Sambhavna towards other males as well. Abuse of a man by a woman is Women Empowerment and the abuse of a woman by a man is crime? Is it not double standards? The answer to the above again from a logical standpoint of rational understanding would a very much acceptable YES. And such double standards, from a non – feasible practicality, may still be acceptable for a common man but not from someone like Big Boss who is not only watched by millions around the world, but is also expected to be fairly unbiased in his approach. To this requirement Big Boss fails miserably having ignored material facts and not giving ample opportunity to Raja for proving himself innocent.

The mandate of such a requirement gains significant weight age also from a non – descript fact that the Indian Social Diaspora is heavily influenced by celebrity behavior and showing abuse against men as acceptable sets immoral precedents and spreads poison in the society which jeopardizes the social position of both men and women in the precincts of societal relevance.

Save Indian Family Foundation, Bangalore, one of the NGOs propagating the cause of Save Indian Family campaign strongly urges the Big Boss to not to repeat such incidences of sexism and undue gender bias in future to prevent further damage to, and contribution to the same. to the already deteriorating society. This note is ended with a feeling of joy for Raja’s victory.


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