NCW caught red handed speaking lies

National Commission of Women (NCW) needs to be banned for its unethical activities.


1)     They openly support adulterous women by claiming them as victims and seek amendments to grant maintenance to adulterous women.

2)     They openly say, DO NOT BELIEVE THE MEDIA REPORTS.

3)     They openly speak white lies as depicted below in the mail conversation between them. Read on.



Would the NCW like to clarify what does it mean by harsh?


1) Sending innocent mothers and sisters on the basis of an unverified complaint is not harsh?


2) Shielding 56, 000 husband killers is not harsh?


3) Fudging statistics to get foreign funds for implementing anti – family, avaricious, pernicious, draconian, anachronous, anti – male laws and unleashing them unto the society is not harsh?


4) Openly protecting the rights of adulterous, promiscuous women is not harsh?


5) Demanding multiple maintenance from males under pretext of false allegations is not harsh?, And last but not the least.


6) Turning away old mothers tortured by their unscrupulous daughter – in – laws and her parents is not harsh, saying this does not come under their ambit?




And what realities they are talking of, why don’t they come out in public if they are so astute, devout and sincere?


with regard to your queries you are hereby informed that 

1.     that NCW does not send innocent mothers and sisters on the basis of an unverified complaint  to jails  we dont have such power in the first place

2.     that the NCW does offer support to women in distress which may also include sisters and mothers and just daughter in laws therefore your presumptions on NCW is factually misleading

3.     we do not fudge statistics  the staistics are manintained by NCRB  and not by NCW

4.     ncw has not protected the rights of adulterous women  i do not know from where you have gathered such information please do not beleive in media reports

5.     we have not ever turned away old mothers  etc any women requiring help is provided be it a mother sister or daufghter in law any one requiring assitance can approach us 

6.     we do not distinguish or categorise in fact you would be surprised to note that the NCW recommendations on implementation of Dowry related acts is that first and foremost resort to counselling and mediation with intention to save the marriage and family and only where a prima facie case exists then the legal recourse is to be taken to 

any more queries ???

yogesh mehta 

law officer

1) Then why has the NCW not taken any action for the 1, 20, 000 women arrested from 2004 -2007 on a mere FIR? Does NCW consider it right? Does it not consider it should make a move to protect those mothers and sisters who are harassed by police before being tried or convicted? Just answer Yes or NO. 


2) Can NCW give me the statistics of the number of women as mothers and sisters it has helped vis – a vis the number of daughter – in – laws it has helped? Just answer Yes or NO. Does NCW maintain such categorized information. Just answer Yes or NO. If not reasons.


3) If you do not fudge statistics, then how did NCW made a claim that 70 % women are denied maintenance on adultery grounds and later when asked to publish source data for it, categorically denied having such information. News link.  Do you consider this as fudging of statistics. Just answer Yes or NO. NCW Supporting Adultery. See Link1  


4) It is the same media reports based on which you keep shouting on violence on women. And now that I have official email from NCW telling me not to believe media reports. Let the media also know about it. If NCW does not protect the rights of adulterous women by making propositions to remove the adultery clause in maintenance. Do you think this is not supporting adulterous women. Just answer Yes or NO.


5) I would like you to provide me details to convince me how many cases have you have resolved with mediation and how many women other than wives have been genuinely helped by NCW.


PS: We, at Save Indian Family Foundation do not consider the advice to file a case as genuine help as it does not help either. So answer keeping this note in mind.


1) It has been brought to NCW’s notice several times thro’ media. And now also I am bringing it to your notice. What can you do for them? Or better what can you do to prevent such mishaps in future?


2) So categorically NCW cannot substantiate its claim of having supported mothers and sisters?


3) Some cases?? How many judgments do you have? The article makes no mention of that. And when NCW was sent an RTI application for data supporting the claim that in 70 % of cases, women are denied maintenance for adultery why did the NCW reply that it does not maintain such information. If the NCW does not maintain such information, why was it published in Media and if the information was not given by NCW why has NCW not taken action against the tabloid for printing information without approval. This means NCW has got the information published and then later denied having source of that information. Do you consider its ethical on part of NCW to behave in such a manner. I want an answer in YES or NO.


4) “NCW also sought another significant amendment to Section 125, saying that said adultery should no longer be a ground for denying maintenance to a woman. “


This is from the article. Still you say NCW has not made such a claim and repeat it as well? Are you not writing white lies?? At least make some background research before writing an email. You are being watched by 15, 000 members. And on a discussion note, I would like to know why does NCW consider adultery should be made a civil offense? Adultery in a relationship tantamount to breach of trust. What makes NCW think per se that it is a civil offense and why should a woman be provided maintenance who has walked out of the relationship. 


5) Read my point number 5 then revert back. I have asked for some information. 


6) Oh sure I will, you do not worry about that.


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