Open letter to oppose NCW’s latest proposal


<Concerned Authority>

Dated: 03 September 2008,

Sub: Objections to NCW being awarded the status equivalent of a Court.

Dear Sir / Madam,

This is pertaining to the recent proposal of elevating the status of National Commission of Women to that of a court and giving powers equivalent of a Member of Parliament to the chairperson of the National Commission of Women.

Save Indian Family Foundation, Bangalore, a non – profit, non funded NGO promoted to the cause of spreading the message of gender equality and Family Harmony in the society since the past 2 – 3 years in addition to its efforts to help victims of misuse of marital laws and create awareness about the same has some strong objections to such a proposal owing to the following points:-

1) NCW, as designed to be an astute body working for the causes of women has miserably failed in its duties to protect the rights of women and safeguard the same as the arrest data published by the National Crime Records Bureau shows that close to 1, 20, 000 women have been arrested in the last four years for complaints under Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code. These women are the mothers and sisters of the husbands accused of false dowry allegations by unscrupulous women who fail to recognize family values and view marriage as a business opportunity to earn tax free money. Such women are shielded by the NCW and as such, NCW does not deserve to be given this special consideration. News link

2) Very recently the NCW had made quite obnoxious an amendment to demand maintenance for live – in partners and to remove the clause of adultery as a reason to deny maintenance to promiscuous and adulterous women. Such a proposal in itself is a direct insult of the sacrosanct social institution called marriage and to those devout and faithful wives who are committed to their husbands. Granting equal privileges as wives to a live – in partner directly degrade the status of marriage in the society which is a solemnized vow in presence of family elders whereas there is no commitment factor in a live – in relationship. And suggesting maintenance for live – in partners is luring more women to enter into multiple relationships and demand maintenance from each partner. This is a direct attempt to degrade and demean the existing status of women in the society. Ironically this statement is coming from NCW, supposed to be working for upliftment of women in the society. Thus NCW, working to protect the rights of promiscuous and adulterous women at the cost of devout and sincere women does not deserve to be of equivalent status as that of a court.

3) In order to support its above claim NCW went ahead and published that in 70 % of cases women are denied maintenance on grounds of adultery. SIFF activists when filed for data to support the claim made by NCW, through an application under Rights to Information Act, 2005, NCW in its reply categorically denied maintaining any such data. It was a white lie published by NCW and a delirious attempt by NCW to fudge statistics and present an otherwise picture to realize vendetta best known to it. Such a body severely lacking integrity and accountability does not deserve such a position. News link.

4) A court of law, supposed to be a temple of justice, is a place where people get their grievances redressed in a procedural manner and such a temple has a very high demand to be fair, unbiased, impartial and just. Granting the status equivalent to court to a women’s commission is direct and in – the – face discrimination against men who are anyways facing a lot of discrimination even in the current scenario when NCW has no judgmental powers and every year more than double the number of men are committing suicides than women, thanks to the heavily lopsided and duplicated laws supported and pampered by NCW. One can only imagine the situation when such a body filled with people of anti – male views assumes a position of power

Hence keeping in view the above objections we severely condemn the proposal to elevate the status of NCW to that of a court and grant privileges equivalent to a Member of Parliament to the Chairperson of NCW and be dropped categorically and buried forever in the bud for larger public interest to restore faith and trust in the system.


12 thoughts on “Open letter to oppose NCW’s latest proposal

  1. As men are already suffering a lot with the legal terrorism (cited by Hon’ble Supreme Court), equitale justice can be had in the courts of justice. Strongly opposing the request by NCW for getting more powers equivalent to an M.P. Law shold do justice to the deprived. If organizations like this are given powers without fully understanding its capability to discharge public responsibility, it would add misery to the lives of the indian men and his family members. Real intentions to protect women will be defeated.

  2. Such law will mean end to Indian marriage. Men are already suffering due to all gender biased laws in India and if this law is passed, I am sure that all teh boys will think not one or twice but hundred times before commiting a wedlock.
    If NCW feels that it can protect and maintain all girls and women and do not need men at all, why men should take the pain of taking care of a girl from a unknown family and then suffer? They instead can stay back alone with all freedom of life, speech and money.
    Also because the entire family of groom suffers from any such laws, I think even the family will also encourage and support boys and men to stay back from marriage.

  3. The NCW is not very ethical and moral about their demands and statements. It clearly indicates vicious intentions and misuse of power is behind this demand
    I request the concerned Parliament and Supreme Court to rule out their demand, as they may end up breaking the concept of marriage and family


  4. I am very shocked after hearing this. As NCW working is purely gender biased and does care about what is truth.As in my case my wife attempted to murder me with knife but in self defense I saved my life and got my right arm injured by her I logged my complaint at NCW on 01-06-08 but no action was taken till date even I got acknowledgment thro PMO to my complaint.

  5. Chairperson and members of NCW should first qualify atleast the written exams for Judiciary before demanding the power of a judge / judiciary. Their demand for grant of the power equal to the judges should be opposed tooth and nail.

  6. It is very clear and evident from the proposal that this females want to grab power & control of society. The modus operandi of this people is to legalise their evil will under the pretext of torture to women & etc.

    The ncw,governement & the supreme court & other law making machinery should keep in ming that people of india are no longer slaves.

    And also people of india are not fools to accept any crap thrwon by ncw,government & supreme court.

    If NCW feels that the people of india will be helpless against the supreme court than they are mostaken.we will fight even against the unjust orders of supreme court.

    Howerver hard the NCW twists the constitution,the constitution has given no rights to any tom,dick & harry (Like NCW) to be a court or to control the society.

    we will never let there wishes be fulfilled.

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