5 thoughts on “Priceless

  1. It is for all those people who havee got atleast one son in the family. Ladies & girls of today. Be warned this is applicable for you also but a little latter. After couple of years you will also have Daughter in Law coming to your home & repeating the above all with your family.

  2. indain society donot feel the danger is comming near to there houses.
    when wife get money , house, and can creas terror in the mens life. that also with only one false complaint. so india is creating Lazy women. they get automatice money.

    by creating such Law : goverment has allowed wife to get money under maintenance act just like pension to her family. young girl getting pension from husband pocket.

    all the said leader of the loksabha and rajyasabha who was present when the DV Law had been passed are gay. or get purchased by the NCW.

    Two hopeless buffelow is present in NCW.

    Girija Vyas
    Renuka chaudhari

    think they will get older anytime. so they are going to make more and more law for newly married. over aged women are not women.

    National commission women changes it to National Criminal wives

    these two characterless women is distroying indian family, making home less our parents.



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