Save the Society

1 in 6 persons in Delhi is Likely to face 498a (Dowry) Law soon, which is not simple as Law is arrest without investigations, non Bailable.

Ministry of Women and child development is currently in the process of talking to organizations fighting to stop misuse of Dowry and other women protection Laws. Some of these groups are demanding that Section 498a, Indian Penal Code (Dowry Law) should be applicable only to husbands and not to his relatives; also it should be made non – cognizable so that arrests are made only after investigations.  Recently Gender Human Rights Society Regd. was called on 1st Aug, and on 18th Aug MASI (Mothers and sisters Initiative Regd.) a women organization fighting for preventing misuse of women protection Laws is invited.

Some foreign (UNAID) funded Women organizations are writing to ministry that ministry should not talk to men organizations for reasons best known to them. They do not want a balanced family system to exist in India as it is the greatest impediment to their impeachment policies aimed at large scale destruction of Indian society and culture.  Whereas non funded organizations like Gender Human Rights society Regd. strongly say the demand that ministry should not talk to men is absurd, and a foreign trick to harm India. Marriage is a social institution run by both men and women and hence the views of both the sides need to be taken into due consideration.

With 1 in 6 persons in Delhi alone likely to face 498a (Dowry LAW) complaint, the arrest without investigation, non Bailable can lead to mass misuse of law and legal terrorism unleashed on them. A significant population is already suffering, and all over India non funded organizations are being formed to amend this Law as the government has turned its blind eye and deaf ear to the sufferings of lacs of people suffering from misuse of dowry related and other women protection laws.  About 86 % of women in Delhi Tihar Jail are due to Dowry Law, so this Law is harming everyone including women.

Also Domestic Violence Act, 2005 should be reviewed, the organizations are asking.  They say DV law in effect from Oct 2006 is totally one sided, and can be used to throw men, of joint family, out of their own houses.  Even Supreme Court has said that DV Law is loosely drafted, and including houses of Relatives of husbands in the DV Law can lead to social chaos.  A renowned Delhi High court Judge in his detailed judgment on DV Law has said this new Law has a perfect recipe for social disaster.

Sandeep Bhartia, president of Gender Human Rights Society (Regd.) says there are 40 new Law proposals for women in pipeline under influence from foreign countries funding radical and one sided women organizations. In order to prevent a fatherless society in creation and reinstate gender harmony, these new Law proposals should involve Judges also as Judges are difficult to be influenced by foreign funding. Also they have given written requests to the ministries to involve organizations fighting for preventing misuse of women protection laws in the Law drafting process by the ministry.

A third of children in some countries are already being harmed by fatherless families, let’s not let that happen in India. let’s stop well funded radical feminists by involving neutral organizations and Judges in the Law drafting process by the WCD ministry.

Looks like the war between well funded Radical Feminists organizations and others non funded organizations is just beginning, we should tread this path carefully for the betterment of society .


2 thoughts on “Save the Society

  1. Well in few years India will move forward towards a GAY Community. With the rate at which false cases of 498-A & D.V. are filed,the harassed Husbands & his Family members are shattered. Men in future who are afraid & skeptical about their marital life,would eventually prefer a male partner rather than a female one. NCW,Judiciary & Politicians are responsible for such a state & Girl’s parents are equally responsible for the Separations /Divorces of their daughters. They blindly follow their daughter’s advice of filing false cases against their In-Laws.The result is Shattered marriage & Shattered families of both of them.

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