Anti, Pro and Neutral

On a barefoot analysis, we get three kinds of people to deal with,

1) Anti people, who are staunch male haters and always portray women as victims aka the Feminists,

2) The pro people who understand the intentions of feminists and blatantly oppose them, and are mostly feminists hit by feminism and converted to the other extreme of the bandwidth aka the SIFFIANS, and

3) The neutral people who mostly live in a dream world designed by the anti ones and continue to believe women are victims.

We need to have different techniques to deal with all the three categories. Feminist often feign ignorance and bliss about women being perpetrators of violence and at the back side keep on spreading the poison in the society with the help of the unfortunate power lobby that they enjoy. When confronted with the poisoning it is again the same old technique they apply, put allegations on the confronter and allow him to defend.

We have to very careful in that. Not to fall into the allegations trap and keep bashing them till they are finished or converted. Stronger souls will have to be finished, weaker ones we can convert to our side and strengthen ourselves in both the scenarios.

Neutral people are also anti per se as they mostly believe what feminists say and even if they seem somewhat convinced when we give the statistics to them, they have the ever hanging historical background, that girls were always harassed and subdued in the past and blah blah blah; again the credit goes to feminists for the same.

For neutral people we will need data not only to show them the other side, harassed men, but also how women can be harmful and real challenge is converting the neutral people. The day we can reach out effortlessly to the neutral people and make them pros, we will have the mass with us. Today as the mass is not with us, only those getting converted to pros with a stroke of misfortune coming to us, a silent wish is for the misuse to increase so that we can gather amass.

But morally and ethically this technique should be despised as it takes to break an entire family to get one pro. Bad deal I would say. Rather having gained 4 years of experience we should now target to methods of converting neutral to pros and finishing the anti ones.


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