National Shame for India

National Shame for India

4 thoughts on “National Shame for India

  1. It has to noted that in IPC 498a an average of 22.5% are women out of the total arrested, compared to 5.8% women out of the total arrested in case of other crimes.

    This makes it clear that misuse of IPC sections like 498a(the so called women-protection laws) result in more(about 4 times more) harassment to women themselves, than other laws!.

    The women-protection laws are nothing but family breaking laws, and hence tools of destabilising Indian family system at large

  2. Hi all,
    It is very important for us to stop these unbiased laws which are breaking the Indian families and doing harm to the society by passing such laws. We need to change these laws so that we can stop any further damage to the Indian society.
    On one side we say that women are equal to men and on the other side we say that women is a weaker sex. It is really not understood. These laws are contradicting each other. I used to respect the women from the bottom of the heart till the time i was falsly implicated in the 498A. I am holding a very important and respectable post in the government organisation but still these currept people (Civil Police)because they got some money ka tukda arrested me and i had to go to the civil jail for 21 hrs. It is really rediclous that people have passed these laws without even thinking about the consequences of the same.
    India needs to wake up before it is too late. There is a well knowing saying that prevention is better than cure. but our law makers have forgotten this basic saying. They are planning to do the cure once the damage is done but what they are forgetting that the cure might not be possible in 98% of the cases and it will be a catastropic for the Indian Society.
    Jago India Jago.

  3. Good one no doubt. Has any one gone in to the depth of the happenings? Besides this 498A it is the fall of the moral values being taught to the children at their young age. They probably not able to understant the Indian culture & values while taking the mis advantage of the law supposed to be made for the protection. This law it self has undoubtly has become a powerful tool for women & needs to be ammended ASAP. The terms men & women in the IPC should be replaced by the “person”. The gender biasing should be removed & the law should be equalised for both genders ina similar fashion.
    Also I do agree with many of the members as stated earlier there is a urgent need of the formation of welfare comitee for men. Or dissolve NCW & make a new organisation as NCFW – National Commission for Family Welfare which should have 50% male membesr also – after all men do have equal rights in this country. Who is taking care of the rights of the men?

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