Bitter Truth waiting to be exposed.

Breaking Families in India
Breaking Families in India


2 thoughts on “Bitter Truth waiting to be exposed.

  1. Weakening of family systems worldover has been the trump card of radical feminists. Feminists know that disgruntled single women will be good candidates to propogate more hate, and to conspire and break more families.

    This is a viscious circle which needs to be identified and stopped before it uproots the strength of India, our FAMILY system.

  2. A Family is the foundation to any society including the Indian Society. Now breaking the Family means ruining the society. Again when a family is broken its the lives of the children in those families thats most affected which again means ruin of our societies future citizens.

    Indian Families, their traditions, cultures, vitrues and close ties are looked up by people across the globe and Fanatic Feminist Terrorists have been attacking and destroying India by funding, encouraging and instigating destrouction of the Indian Society by destroying its foundation ie – Family and Future – the Children of today!!

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