Males, Non – Males and Females

All the characters in the blog are imaginary and have no resemblance to any person living or dead. Any co – incidence is purely co – incidental.

Kamini is married to Sanjeev keeping in mind his hi – paying job and the fact that his sister Natasha is married, their ancestral property, so post marriage she will be reaping all the benefits and will be able to repay her father’s losses. But things go awry as she finds it difficult to tame Sanjeev and decides to threaten him with a false dowry case to extort money from them in conjunction with her parents.

They set the setting with the local Circle Inspector (henceforth referred to as CI) and decide to teach Sanjeev, his parents and his married sister and her husband, a lesson. Police calls all of them to the police station and harasses them unnecessarily.

CI: “We have received a complaint of dowry harassment against you all by your daughter – in – law Kamini. So we will have to arrest you as per the law.”

Sanjeev: “But this is a false complaint, officer.”

Sanjeev was unable to comprehend the situation, as to why a false allegation has been leveled against him.

CI: “That will be decided by the court, as per law I have to arrest you till your bail happens. But if you listen to what she says, she is ready to take back the complaint.”

Now everyone is clear, that Kamini and her parents are trying to get upper hand in the marriage by fear and terrorizing them misusing the law meant to protect women and the police is hand in gloves with them.

Sanjeev: “But officer, we have evidences to prove them false here itself, there is no need to register a case for this. Give us a chance to present them.”

CI: “So now you are going to teach me legal procedure. We are not supposed to do any investigation. We have to convert the complaint to FIR and book all of you in the dowry harassment case and arrest all of you. Otherwise listen to what your wife says.”

Sanjeev’s mother spoke up now.

Mom: “But officer, my son is innocent and these laws are meant to protect females. How can you arrest us on mere complaint?”

CI: “I don’t know all that. For me the complainant is a female whom I have to protect. The complaint is against a male and other relatives are non – males for me. So I have to arrest all those males and non – males who are harassing this innocent female.”

Kamini’s in – laws try a lot to convince the CI that they are innocent but to no avail. Being innocent they refuse to cough up Kamini’s extortion demand. Thus, the 3 males (Sanjeev, his father and his brother –in – law) and the 2 non – males (his mom and Sister Natasha) are arrested on the female Kamini’s false complaint.

Strange but true. This is what happens in most of the police stations when a complaint of dowry harassment is received. One female wreaks havoc on all and sundry in the family, small children, senior citizens, pregnant sisters and yet the government is turning a blind eye to this Legal Terrorism simply playing it down saying they are doing all this to protect women and the misuse is very low to realize some political vendetta best known to them.


One thought on “Males, Non – Males and Females

  1. This is the situation in most of the police stations where palms of police officers are greased and justice subverted. The tool in the hands of the police is biased inhuman law which has been grossly misused and is being misused day in day out.

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