The Obituary of an e – suicider

All the characters in the blog are Imaginary and bear no resemblance with any character living or dead. Any resemblance is purely co – incidental.

Rajesh is a hard – working NRI who is being viewed as a juicy catch for extorting money by embroiling him in false cases of dowry harassment. If he vows to fight against them, he will have to finish off his career abroad and come back to India. If he does not decide to fight, he will be continued to be harassed, economically, socially, legally, and spiritually as the girls’ side in tandem with the police, the lawyers and the judiciary view him as a FREE ATM MACHINE and are out to ruin him in the name of Women Empowerment.

Enter Save Indian Family Foundation, a group of dedicated citizens who are committed to the cause of awakening the sleeping society, media, government and law makers to realize the evils of radical feminism. The most peculiar thing about this group is that they offer free advice on how to combat this ongoing Legal Terrorism. So Rajesh contacts the group over the internet and posts his confusion, whether he should pay or fight.

Rajesh: “What do you guys suggest, they are asking 10 lacs should I pay and get rid of?”

Vrujesh (Conservative Member): “No, do not think on lines of paying. You will be ruined more.”

Abhijat (Liberal Member): “Pay and get rid man, 10 lacs is just 2 months salary for you. And then enjoy life. Ignore these witches.”

Vrujesh: “Abhijat, if you do not know how to suggest people or find it difficult to comprehend the gravity of the situation, JUST SHUT UP.”

Sarkar (Stricter Conservative): “56, 000 men are committing suicide. What have you done for them? This legal terrorism is not going to stop like this. People like you indirectly support the spread of misuse.”

Abhijat: “Hey what are you talking? I am not wrong. There is no point in fighting against this misuse and wasting your life. People those who do not have any work to do will participate in such activity.”

Vrujesh: “Abhijat, don’t create a mess here. People come to us for genuine advice; if that is hard for you to give, simply shut your mouth up.”

Rajesh: “Guys please calm down; I am not going to pay.”

Sarkar: “Dear Abhijat, you look to me like some feminist.”

Abhijat: “You guys think you own the movement. You don’t know my links; I will abolish your movement.”

Mythical (Mysterious character): “Dear, SIFF is a movement. It is in everyone’s heart. If you think abolishing this group you can stop the movement, go ahead.”

Vrujesh: “Eh, hello, Mr. Abhijat, who do you think you are? Let me tell the group about your history. Some months ago you were the one trying to brainwash people that 498a will not happen if there is true love etc. etc. Then you came up with the bullshit idea of appointing lawyers for SIFF and extort money there. Having thus failed you are now brainwashing people into paying. By the way how is your life going on with your new mistress, with whom you have started staying without taking divorce from your first wife? You give a wrong advice next time and it won’t take us long before banning you from the group.”

Satwinder (Conservatively Liberal): “Dear Abhijat, why did you marry without taking divorce?”

Abhijat: “Group, I am sorry for causing the nuisance. Vrujesh, Sarkar, I am sorry.”

NeerKamal (Liberally Conservative): “Chill guys, all have their opinions. At least now we have a good discussion on this. Please stop this mudslinging.”

Discussion ends, and another quasi – feminist quasi metro – sexual commits, what is becoming a trend these days, e – suicide. That is a virtual suicide. A suicide of thoughts. A vagabond of ideas, not knowing where to present them and how to present them and trying to convince people with a seemingly tempting but morally empty idea and then failing miserably.

Whether Abhijat had done intentionally or not is best known to him only, but he has lost all credibility on this forum. In future even if he gives sincere advice, by mistake, he will viewed with suspicion as he has suggested what most money mongers suggest when a man is made a scapegoat of radical feminism by slapping him with false cases.

This post was an obituary of the e – suicider. Let us pay him our homage, by not moving our mouse for 2 minutes, neither touching the keyboard, nor navigating away from this page. Let us pay Abhijat’s e – soul an e – silence.


4 thoughts on “The Obituary of an e – suicider

  1. This is farcically fantastic satirical read! Great work!!

    If there is any idiot who thinks he can abolish SIF movement, he would be doing us a service. The more they try to destroy the movement, the stronger it will grow.

    Long Live Sarkar!!
    Long Live Save Indian Family!!!

  2. Though fun to read this post is not in good taste that too even after the hypothetical guy had publically apologised. Request you to give him benefit of doubt and delete this post.

  3. Apologizing publicly is just admission of guilt or a smart way to avoid further flak. But the message needs to go strongly of what we think of such guys who advise settlement rather than fighting.

    Why give up so early? Will women give up? No. Then why men? And that is why such people need proper condemnation.

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