Make 14th June Memorable

Weekdays hardly we get any time to think about anything else than work. Weekends are relaxation time. Every weekend we have some or the other plan. This weekend, 14th June 2008, Saturday, let us plan to do something for the society and for those underprivileged children whose parents end up in a marital mess.

A major portion of marital disputes, for whatsoever reasons of its occurrence, has an innocent silent victim, the child (ren) born out of the wedlock. These little angels stand the risk of losing one of their parents, mostly the father due to the ongoing dispute and irreparable differences between the ‘matured’ parents.

CRISP, Child Rights Initiative for Shared Parenting, under the aegis of Save Indian Family Foundation is organizing a ‘National Father’s Day Rally’ on 14th June 2008 at Gandhi Statue, MG Road, Bangalore to create and spread awareness about the concept of Joint Custody of children of divorced / separated couples.

Come there in huge numbers to support the cause and give the underprivileged, hitherto unheard citizens of our society, the fair and deserved amount of dignity and love they deserve and are deprived of.

Remember, to be there and feel proud to be a part of a movement that can change many a lives. Hoping very positively to see you there at the following co-ordinates.

Date: 14th June 2008

Time: 10: 00 AM to 1: 00 PM

Venue: Gandhi Statue, MG Road, in front of the Jewel –De – Paragon and Cubbon Park gate traffic signal.


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