To the WCD Ministry

Honorable Ministers,

As a citizen of India, I seek an answer to the following questions:-

  1. As per NCRB data every year, 56000 married men are committing suicide every year on an average. If a married woman dies, it is by default assumed to be a dowry death and the whole family of husbands is thrown in to jail. Whereas for a husband death it is just marked off as another death and no action is taken. So is the value of a man’s life any less than a woman’s life? Or is it that the pain of a mother / sister losing her son / brother is out of the ambit of the purview of these ministries?
  2. Why is there no clause of punishment for people filing false cases under section 498A and 3 & 4 DP Act and Domestic Violence Act 2005 and 125 CrPC?
  3. Why is section 498A violating the basic principles of Human Rights as laid down by Amnesty International and assumes the accused as ‘Guilty until proven innocent’?
  4. As per NCRB data, 1, 00,000 innocent women have been arrested under section 498A IPC and Section 3 & 4 DP Act, without any trial, merely on the basis of allegations. What action has your concerned ministry taken in this regard to ensure that the offenders are booked and such actions are not repeated in future?
  5. Day in and day out, we here and read of cases of senior citizens being evicted out of their own dream home, built out of life – savings by their unscrupulous Daughter -in – law. What has your concerned ministry done to redress the grievances of those mothers who lost their home, their abode in their dusky days to the misuse of a system badly implemented?
  6. DV Act is termed Ultra – Vires the Constitution of India as it advocates conviction of a person on sole testimony of complainants and violating Article 13 of the Indian Constitution which says, “All citizens are equal in the eyes of law”. So has your concerned ministry taken steps to redress the same loophole? If not, why so? And if there are any plans, when so?

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