Laws with Flaws

Satan was nature’s favored child in ways unimaginable. Satan had invaded the most vulnerable species on earth, the feminists to influence the society to view women as liabilities and costs were associated with a woman being at every stage of her life. Enter women’s safety requirement, as they being the propagators of the clan, called for added security and protection, as also dependency being the favorite feminine attractions. Enter the requirement for establishment of marriage to ensure women’s safety and enter the hidden cost associated with it, named by society as DOWRY. Money is a powerful tool and greed is a mandatory component of human idiosyncrasy. Satan was well aware of both the facts. So, via the feminists, Satan had successfully installed mandatory money transactions in marriage as the cost of liability to protect a woman.

Greed for more money rendered women in a very vulnerable position in the society and Satan then proceeded to convince the society to eradicate the social evil called DOWRY from the society to protect women. Satan here used the short memory of the civilization as it was the same Satan who, through feminists had installed DOWRY in the society and again it was the same Satan who was vouching for its elimination via its favored form called the feminists. Enter the successful acceptance of dowry as a crime by the society and its justified eradication through stringent legal procedures and hefty penalties. But the trick Satan played revealed itself only when the damage was done. Satan was successful in dividing people on gender basis and snatching happiness from the society.

It seems like the favorite game of Satan to impose rules, allow them to be flouted and then exercise control to establish power. Having thus established the reign of power and control, Satan then influenced the feminists, who made a lot of hue and cry over the issue of gender equality and gender abuse. Apparently they seemed to be vouching for women’s issues and projected women in a very demeaning position by portraying them as objects of material trade and a status symbol, but silently it was Satan establishing the foundations of a blasphemy intended to invade and erode the roots of 2 strongest societal structures, MARRIAGE and FAMILIAL LIFE.

By nature humans love flouting rules and this is one of the major reasons why rules are made. In every arena of life we see the same game being played by Satan taking incarnation amongst the legislative and executive body which makes laws to govern the society and maintain status quo. And the same applied to the eradication of this so called menace known by the name of dowry via legal procedures of enacting Acts and formulating laws. Enter the successful inclusion of the Dowry Prohibition Act 1961, IPC 498A, 1983 and their youngest sibling, Domestic Violence Act, 2005.

Even a cursory glance at the implementation of these laws and Acts reveals how the same are being used as a hoax to convert marriage into a business tool and familial life into a business project. A mere complaint can ruin the life of any person as an immediate arrest follows and whether allegations are true or not is decided in a trial which does not happen in most of the cases and even if it happens, starts after 3 -4 years, by the time the accused is already deprived of humanity, social status and peace of mind. Satan has been so successful into brainwashing the society about the deplorable state of affairs of women, that even a false allegation of harassment and torture by a married woman, especially on her in – laws portrays them as criminals far more dangerous than murderers, burglars, dacoits and rapists that they are denied bail, the fundamental right of any citizen as per the Indian Constitution and also held guilty until proven innocent violating the most basic principle of human rights as prescribed by Amnesty International.

The society often tries to justify Satan’s efforts, albeit unknowingly and subconsciously with an explanation that the married woman needs money for her sustenance and thus should be provided the same, even if allegations are baseless and void of merits and logical completeness. What the society fails to notice the ignominy and pitfalls of this provision is something worth notifying. It is totally unacceptable to the logical rationale that a monetary compensation can salvage the torture the woman underwent to satiate the greed of her in – laws. It will be more justified to penalize them for what they have done by convicting them to jail rather than letting them go off by paying a few lacs of rupees which can be again recovered. But also keeping in mind the high degree of emotional expressiveness and the provision of arrest on a mere complaint, the decision to justice is just a matter of time and till the time the decision is pending, a monetary compensation seemed apt, as advocated by Satan and wicked women taking a cue from this have started flouting these rules as per their whims and fancies and feel happy and victorious to walk away with the monetary compensation.

Hats off to Satan for a masterstroke and a master blaster innings by creating problems in the society in the name of dowry, justifying its eradication at all costs and thus allowing loosely defined and heavily lopsided laws to be enacted and then waiting for people to misuse these laws and thus unleashing a mayhem of chaos in the society. It is just a matter of time before people realize and understand this game. A mockery of protection of women is being done and the targets of the brunt of this fallacy are innocent men who are cornered like anything, abused and exploited socially, financially, morally, spiritually, individually and collectively which the society happily accepts as social service and has turned its blind eye and deaf ear to the same.

Hoping to see Satan getting exposed and cornered leading to harmonious life.


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