Domestic Violence on Men

We all know that men are victims of heavy and intense domestic violence at the hands of our wives and in – laws, but sadly neither does one realize or feel the need to do anything about this. This includes those men too who face them. Below is a survey for domestic violence on men. Spare a few minutes and visit the following sites and fill up the survey. It is totally anonymous.


4 thoughts on “Domestic Violence on Men

  1. Yes definitely it is a joke for spineless men like you who do not believe that men have issues. Nuts like you will understand it only when you face it. If you are not aware of facts, better keep your mouth shut rather than blaberring nonsense.

  2. It seems people who think that “Domestic Violence On Men” is a joke,then those people can definitely be assumed as ILLITERATES of our country,who are not aware about the rampant misuse of Sec.498-A & Domestic Violence by the Wives of modern India under the aegis of Renuka Chowdhary & Girija Vyas,who are destroying the family culture of our country.
    Is not Female Fanaticism going beyond boundaries which it shouldn’t had been. I am talking of Genocide being done on Men by literally abusing Sec.498-A by the Wives. Its really sad that today Matrimony that was considered bliss has become an Akhada that is been played between Wife and Husband & In-laws in the Courtroom. Sec.498-A which was introduced to safeguard the tortured wife,has now become an effective tool for her to settle scores with her husband and her In-laws.In today’s atmosphere it’s rather her Husband who can be called a tortured person rather than his wife.I can give plenty of cases where it’s a known fact that women of today literally threaten their spouses about the consequences.If he doesn’t agree or differences persist (Differences are always there between the spouses) then the Domiciles Sword ultimately falls on her spouse and her in-laws and long battle goes on in the Court.No questions or truth is asked by the police from her. No proofs are asked from her.Straight away her Husband and his parents are arrested and the Marital fabric which could had been sorted between them either through a marriage counselor or at Family Courts are literally crushed by the so called Draconian law of Sec.498-A.False cases are filed and husbands are branded as Villains.We are not staying in Democracy, but Wifeocracy-To the Wife, By the Wife & For the Wife. Men are scared to marry nowadays. Wives demand Lacs of amount to withdraw the cases against the Husbands.It’s really a shame that these Harassment and torture cases happen almost 90% in the lower strata of society, but only 10% cases of them are registered. But from remaining 10% cases which happen in the Middle-Class & Affluent cases almost 98 % are faked and abused. Husbands & his Parents are arrested to settle the scores. And now Domestic Violence Act has been introduced. Believe me in a decade we will have lacs of cases under these two Sections. This will have death spell on future Matrimony.
    False cases are filed under Sec.498-A without any convictions by the wives? They are just let off,unless the Husband files for defamation against his spouse at the higher courts.Why are not wives jailed or punished for the abuse of Sec.The trauma after such false cases on the boy, his parents,sister,brother and sometimes even small child who is not spared is horrifying. Senior Citizens are jailed without any proofs.Even in Murder cases proofs are required to convict the guilty.Wives just want to settle their scores by asking Hugh amounts from the In-Laws,so that she can withdraw the case.Isn’t such a demand of hers from his husband & In-Laws tantamount to a DOWRY? What a mockery of such a Section,which has been introduced for guarding her from the evils of dowry,is being used by her to extract money in such a way.Cases of Sec.498-A & D.V are filed by the wives(97%-98% are fakes)just to harass her husband & In-laws & majority of them leads to Separation/Divorces.India is the only Country in the World to have such Draconian Laws.India is the only Country in the World where there a plenty of laws for the women & sadly not a single law that protects a man. And finally India is the only country in the World where Husbands & his Parents are jailed without any Convictions / Proofs or Evidences whereas such a thing is mandatory for Murders and other criminal cases.

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