To the President of India

The Honorable President of India,

This is regarding the recent murder of a married woman Rinku Sachdeva by her husband, Amit Buddhiraj, who was an employee of Software Major Infosys
Technologies in Bangalore. Although the whole matter in the media is being
hyped up that he killed his wife suspecting her of having an illicit
relationship with one of her colleagues, but the truth is not that. His
suicide note clearly mentions that he feared that having found out his
wife’s extra marital affair, he was threatened of a false dowry harassment
case. He very well knew that in the current scenario if the wife files a
false dowry harassment case against him and his parents, they will land in
big trouble as the law is totally biased and draconian in nature,
implementation and definition. He had lost faith in the Indian Judiciary and police, and hence an intelligent person like Amit Buddhiraj was compelled to take the law in his hands and he also knew that there is no point in living after that as he is not going to get justice, so he himself committed suicide.

There are thousands of families suffering from false cases filed under Sec
489A and the Domestic Violence Act 2005 and lakhs of families living day in
and day out of a fear of a false case being lodged against them if they do
not accede to the demands of the girl and her parents. Such miscarriage of
justice and abuse of a noble cause for EMPOWERING WOMEN is ruining the
Indian family world over and unleashing a new form of LEGAL TERRORISM on
umpteen number of innocent families.

The family system of India, which has been the crown of the rich and varied
Indian culture is slowly being devoured by a legally patronized and
nourished demon called the FALSE CASES of HARASSMENT. We need to remember
that FALSE ALLEGATIONS of ABUSE are ABUSE. If justice is not meted to those
suffering innocent families trapped in such cases, we will see more and more
people like Amit Buddhiraj taking such extreme steps. Not to mention of the
pain inflicted on the parents of the boy and the girl in their dusky days,
such extreme steps are a big drain on the intellectual property of the
country. Both of them were highly placed professionals and now their lives
and career have been ruined.

I, as a law abiding citizen of India, request the president to kindly look
into the current scenario of the implementation of marital laws, which being
highly gender biased are highly misused by unscrupulous people to their
criminalist advantages. Due to the undue sentimental balance of the
legislative and executive machinery towards a particular class of women,
such laws like 498A, Domestic Violence have become a handy tool to convert
marriage into a business opportunity. Such practices need to be stopped,
condemned and the abusers deemed to be punished to deter other people from
fraying into this obnoxious alley of LEGAL CRIMES.

I urge the Honorable President of India, to take up this matter seriously
and save the Indian Family from dying a premature and unnatural death.


One thought on “To the President of India

  1. When will this so called “Jao Ho” government will give relief by changing the gender neutral laws.

    On 15-Aug-09 there was a conference in Vigyan Bhawan. PM of India and CJI of India were present.

    PM said about the quick disposal of around 3 crores of pending cases.

    CJI said the laws framed by legislature and non-proper of functioning of the executives are responsible of the burden to judiciary.

    This is the final solution, “Jai Ho”!!!!!

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