Poster for Jai Ram Ji Ki Neta Ji

Here comes the poster for our upcoming web-series titled “Jai Ram Ji Ki Neta Ji” written and directed by Virag Dhulia – novelist, YouTuber and screenwriter.
On the YouTube channel – Chai Pakoda
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“Jai Ram Ji Ki Neta Ji” is a comedy web series which is a political satire and is about the behind-the-scenes interaction between politicians and bureaucrats.
Poster design by Mahadeva Prasad R

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Essay Competition for students for the #Movember

Hello everyone!

As we enter in the month of November, the month for the awareness about men’s health and issues(popularly known as Movember) we have something exciting to announce. From this year we announce the starting of Anurag Tiwari memorial essay competition for school students. Topics are –

  1. What do you understand by discrimination? Do you think boys are discriminated? If you think yes, how and if you think No, how?
  1. What are the issues (physical, mental, psychological) boys face while growing up? What kind of help should be available for boys?  

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Why young men are highest contributors to suicide statistics?

This short film is an attempt to create awareness about suicides by young men in India. It shows us, what happens when society does not listen to them.

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Dear Thomsons Reuters Foundation,Mind Your Own Business

Biased, funded and strategically orchestrated surveys don’t reflect reality. Read the article below to understand how and why such biased surveys are created.

Let's Talk About Men

Times Of India is known for it’s anti-India articles and this time they went ahead by giving importance to the Thomsons Reuters Foundation report which says, that India is worse than war zoned Syria and Afghanistan on women issues . First of all let us see who are these Thompson Reuters foundation and why are they so worried about Indian women (only).  Their homepage says that We are registered as an independent charity both in the UK and in the USA. They call themselves as corporate foundation too and I will explain how a corporate foundation works. As per them total 548 experts on women issues gave this report, out of these 548, 43 live in India. They were asked questions online about health issues, economic resources, discrimination against women etc. Just like any other biased survey this was only for women and that too a small group of women.

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The depth of the thoughts inside me

This selfie of mine is my favorite. It’s because I feel it reflects the seriousness and the depth of the myriad thoughts that emanate in me about life, society, our existence, our psyches, identity, consciousness, the world around me and so much more.

It also represents the calmness I have been trying to achieve and it’s a journey which reflects the fact that I am sitting inside a car while taking this selfie.

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Vote for “Chess Without A Queen” in Book Bash League 2018 by

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