Should BJP get rid of Maneka Gandhi?

In 2014, India welcomed BJP with open hands and a warm heart as a refreshing change from Congress, but now Maneka Gandhi is proving to be more like a Congress agent with her constant ranting against men.

Previously she said,

All violence is male generated.

Then she shamed men in the Olympics result and now she said,

“Paternity leave will just be a holiday for men”

So, is it time for BJP to get rid of Maneka Gandhi lest she weakens prospects of BJP further in UP elections 2017 and General Elections 2019? Answer below.

Results for polling on International Men’s Day Celebration

A poll was conducted for a week on Legal Fighter’s Blog on how to celebrate International Men’s Day which happens to fall on November 19.
More than 200 people took part in the online poll and below are the results,
1. About 44% people say, they will organize some local event to spread the word.
2. Around 23% feel that Companies would announce discount on International Men’s Day.
3. Around 18% said that they would write to companies asking them to announce offers.
4. Around 15% feel that this year as well Companies would ignore men’s day.

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