Are #men conditioned to make more sacrifices for #society compared to #women?

Recently, a twitter poll was conducted with the above question

Are men conditioned to make more sacrifices compared to women?” and the results were shocking as shown in the image below.


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रुदाली – एक विलुप्त प्रजाति?

पुराने दिनों में रुदालियाँ हुआ करती थी। किसी भी परिवार में यदि कोई मृत्यु हो जाती तो यह रुदालियाँ वहां बुलाई जाती थी और शोक व्यक्त करते हुए रोती थी। कभी कभी ऐसा करना अनिवार्य भी हो जाता क्योंकि परिवार के कुछ सदस्य शोकग्रस्त अवस्था में रोते नहीं थे और अपने परिजनों की मृत्यु के शोक को अपने अन्दर ही दबा कर के रखते थे। ऐसा करना, स्वास्थ्य के लिए अत्यंत हानिकारक हो सकता है और ऐसे अत्यंत शोक के समय में रोना अनिवार्य एवं उचित भी है।

इन रुदालियों को इसी कारण बुलाया जाता था की वे रोने का वातावरण बना सके और जो लोग रो नहीं रहे वे रो कर के अपना मन हल्का कर लें। धीरे धीरे यह प्रजाति विलुप्त होती गयी। आज भी शायद राजस्थान के किसी गाँव कस्बे  में शायद पायी जाए।

परंतु, यहाँ सोचने वाला विषय यह है कि यह अकारण रोने का पेशा औरतों को ही क्यूँ दिया गया? आदमियों को क्यों नहीं?

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How to contribute to Men’s Rights Movement in India?

Time and again, we are reminded that this society is male dominated and patriarchal in nature. What does it mean?

It means that men live in a have-it-all world. They have all the rights and privileges and they control all the power in the world. And this is how it is justified or evidence of its presence is presented:

  1. Men don’t have to leave their homes after getting married.
  2. They don’t need to adjust with another family.
  3. They get inheritance in ancestral property.
  4. Their child gets their name.
  5. Their name doesn’t need to change after marriage.

While all this might be true, the following is also true.

  1. Men need to become financially stable before getting married.
  2. They need to continue to remain so lifelong, which means they cannot stop working and sit at home.
  3. They cannot pursue their interests as it may not generate enough income for the survival of the whole family.
  4. Even if their wife works, they should not expect her to share the financial load, if she does it by her own choice, well and good.
  5. The risk of bringing a new person into their life and family wrests entirely with the man and one wrong decision can ruin his life.

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Consolidated Media Coverage – #DV Law needed for #men

IndiaToday - SIFF demands laws to protect men from harassment

DNA Hindi - अब ज़रूरत है पुरुषों को घरेलू हिंसा से बचाने के लिए कानून बनाया जाए


Business Standard - SIFF demands laws to protect men from harassment


New Indian Express - SIFF Demands Laws to Protect Men from Harassment


HiHindi One India - पति को प्रताड़ित करने वाली महिलाओं के खिलाफ बनेगा कानून!


SS Live News

One India - Abusive daughters-in-law: Men's rights group demand harsher laws

News Reality - SIFF demands laws to protect men from harassment

Jyoti Pandey

India by Road



Free Press

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The Good Samaritan : A No-Man’s Land

So, here’s the news of Good Samaritan dies trying to save three girls from drowning which says, a Bandra-based resident jumped into the sea, for saving the lives of three girls.

The incident occurred in Bandstand, today, when the girls, who are students of a Govandi-based college, were trying to click a selfie. Witnesses say that the trio started drowning in deep waters, when Ramesh Valanju, 35, jumped in to save them.

Ramesh, who is a resident of Bandra, successfully saved the lives of two girls. However, in his final attempt to save the third girl, Ramesh along with her drowned.

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The real agenda of Feminism is to spread male hatred

Feminism has got nothing to do with “Women’s Rights” and they do not even care what happens to women. For them, attacking men and vilifying them, spreading hatred and venom against them is the top most priority work.

Recently, Union Minister for Women and Child Development, Mrs. Maneka Gandhi opened a conversation on twitter saying that for the next 2 hours she would take questions. Below are some of the screenshots of the replies she gave. Continue reading