Consolidated Media Coverage of Father’s Day Delhi

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Paid Media Menace – UP and Rapes

Ever since the Samajwadi Party declared its election manifesto promising to work on reducing false cases in dowry and rape laws if voted to power, I was waiting to see what price does the SP Supremo, MSY must pay for his dare to speak truth.

My wait ended sooner than expected as one fine day I was having breakfast and was reading “The Hindu” which had front page news of “2 minors found hanging” and as I read into the contents, it said, the bodies were “indicative of rape”. Till date I am wrestling with the grey matter in my brains as to what would mean “indicative of rape”. Either rape has happened or it has not happened. Either, there has been a forceful penetration or there’s none. And this can only be established through autopsy and medical report.

Now, since the autopsy is not yet done and the medical report is not available, I was wondering how come media people came to the conclusion that it was indicative of rape? The rape news spread faster and before one could realize there was a storm on the political front and the social media blaming UP’s law and order situation.

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PRESS RELEASE: SIFF raises concerns over campaign of vendetta in UP rapes

Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF), an NGO working for men’s rights, raises concerns over the current “Campaign of Vendetta” that is being targeted against Samajwadi Party in Uttar Pradesh (UP) over the reported rape cases.

Recently, there has been a big brouhaha about incidents of alleged rape in Uttar Pradesh. Both Akhilesh and Mulayam Singh Yadav were blamed for rising incidents of rape in Uttar Pradesh. Even United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon also showed his displeasure at Mulayam Singh.

  1. Is this a fact that the crime rate of Uttar Pradesh is very high compared to other States in India?
  2. Or is there a concerted “campaign of vendetta” and “politics of crime” that is unleashed to degrade Akhilesh Yadav and Mulayam Singh Yadav?

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Me and men’s rights

Sometimes it takes a drastic turn of events in life to understand one’s true goal and realization with self. I was no exception to this. That, I, Virag Dhulia, had to be a men’s rights activist and campaign for men’s rights and men’s welfare in the society was inevitable and it required me to get married so that false cases of dowry harassment, domestic violence, maintenance, jail without investigation, abuse in courts and matrimonial cases enter my life as dramatic events so that the realization dooms on to me.

As I recall the unforgettable night of 13th September 2007, when I walked out of the central jail after securing regular bail and spending 48 hours in the central jail as an under-trial in false case of dowry harassment (Section 498A IPC) filed by my wife on me and my parents I recollect the news item printed about me in Bangalore edition of The Times of India titled, “Techie arrested for Dowry”, page 3 of 13th September 2007.

I had refused to bow down before her demands of separating from my parents or coughing out Rs. 12 lakhs to her as per her demands.

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Netaji Speaks

Translated from Koshish Jaari hai….

In an ongoing court case, the lawyer argues, “Your Honor, the girl and the boy never stayed together, rather the boy died due to torture by the girl.” However, the judge isn’t interested in listening and says, “Whatever it is, as the wife has a legal right, shall be entitled to the insurance money”. You might be forced to think, it’s not a court order, rather hooliganism.

Somewhere distant, there’s another case going on. The lawyer argues, “Your Honor, the boy is ready to cooperate and he shall be granted bail as the girl and the boy have been living together for the past 2 years.” Whilst, it may be difficult to deduce if the judge really understood or not but he observes, “See, whatever it is, it’s a rape. Even the medical report says so; hence there is no respite from imprisonment. You might once again think, is it the court of law or mockery of justice?

And so, is going on a third case wherein the lawyer again argues thus, “Your honor, the poor man committed suicide owing to the false case of rape filed against him and this woman is imprisoned only for four years!” And comes a confident response from the judge, “She is a woman, she is lonely, we are punishing her for the small mistake, now what else do you want?” And you feel like banging your head against the wall at this open hooliganism.

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PRESS RELEASE: Aamir Khan is maligning Men by telling lies and half-truths in Ardha-Satyameva Jayate

Subject: Aamir Khan is maligning Men by telling lies and half-truths in Ardha-Satyameva Jayate.

Recently, it has been reported that actor Aamir Khan has approached Mumbai police with complaints about some malicious propaganda against him. This is least expected out of a person, who stereotypes and paints large sections of Indian men as evil on his show Satyameva Jayate. He claimed 50% of men are beating up 50% of women in the episode on domestic violence (in last season), which is far from any truth.

The title of Aamir Khan’s program Satyameva Jayate has to be changed to Ardha-Satyameva Jayate (Half Truths only Triumph) as it is all about manipulation and fake tears.

Actor Aamir Khan is doing business around truth while manipulating data, figures, statistics and telling half truths. This is not Satyameva Jayate at all. Watching such a program actually distorts one’s perceptions, when it is sold to the audience claiming it to be the truth.

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Indian Legal System Puts Men in a Fix

The legal system in India resembles many other common law systems based on legislation, historical customs and precedents set-forth by prior courts.  The country’s Constitution provides the final word on India law and governing, which is administered by a court system broken into various “levels”

India’s courts are historically inefficient, with significant backlogs present within most levels of the legal system.  As a result of extended backlogs, public sentiment toward India’s court system is low, with some calling for formal reform.  To detractors, the right to justice stands as a fundamental principle, so they believe the burden is upon the state to deal with the slow-to-justice issue, by providing infrastructure adequate to handle the flow of the judiciary.  It is currently estimated that there are approximately 14 judges employed for each million citizens in India.

The courts are also notoriously corrupt, with noted cases of bribery, influence peddling and other indiscretions on record.  So where does these leave Indian citizens accused of crimes?  The answer is a mixed bag, depending on the type of crime suspected, and the sex of the alleged offender.

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Why men’s rights are important for every man?

While umpteen literature and corresponding social acceptance about women’s rights is available, there is an equivalent or probably larger gap for men’s rights. In fact, the very term, “men’s rights” comes as a misnomer for many.

The common misconception is that the concept of men’s rights is relevant only for those men who are wronged due to “misuse” of gender biased laws like Section 498A (dowry law), Domestic Violence Act, Section 125 CrPC (maintenance laws), Section 376 (rape law), Sexual Harassment Law, etc.

But, as truth is stranger than fiction, the concept of men’s rights is relevant for each and every man, each and every male. While one may argue, that the trigger of emergence of men’s rights movement has been due to innocent men being trapped in false cases, however, the underlying abuse of men is much deeper and ingrained than it appears.

It’s the gross injustice that men are subjected to, by the society merely because a woman has complained against the man that forms a larger chunk of abuse of men. Apart from this, the fact that the society does not believe in punishing abusive women compounds to the abuse of men as women continue abusing men unabated.

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Is the “Jamai” really a “Raja”?

India is multicultural and multi-lingual country and in many cultures in India, which are predominantly Hindu, the son-in-law is addressed as “Jamai” and is often called as “Jamai Raja” which when translated means that the son-in-law is a king.

In fact, many years ago, a Bollywood movie was also released named as “Jamai Raja”. This article is inspired by that movie. The crux of the story of the movie is the constant struggle between the son-in-law (the hero of the movie) and his mother-in-law (the villain of the movie) which appears to be a very commonplace theme.

However, in this movie, the mother-in-law is a very vicious, greedy, manipulative, egoistic and arrogant female who constantly tries to not only harm her son-in-law, who is a poor honest person with firm values, but also tries her level best to break the marriage of her daughter by demonizing the son-in-law and makes several attempts to trap him in false cases and also makes an attempt on his life.

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My blog: LegalFighter – 2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 29,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 11 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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